The more expanded you are, the less of a bind you are in.
-Tian De

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Healing with Kiryo

From the Back Cover:

A journey began to unfold when Tadashi Kanzawa turned heads at the local zoo in Japan. Dozens of animals began falling to the ground and entering a comfortable slumber before the waving of his hand. Kanzawa has since been featured on television shows and news channels throughout the world: at one point even becoming a “Stan Lee’s Superhuman” when featured on the History channel. Traveling through Japan, Russia, and even Africa, Kanzawa writes about his experiences with each of the animals he encounters.
However, at the heart of the seemingly miraculous is not magic, but a greater understanding. Tadashi does not claim to be unique and is instead on a greater mission to use what he has learned to help awaken the healing energy in others in order to promote health and to eliminate sickness in the aging societies of the modern world. Tadashi explains that through the study of Kiryo, Ki can be awakened and utilized for the promotion of health.

The Study of Kiryo

From the Back Cover:

Tadashi Kanzawa turned heads when he climbed the fence and starting walking towards the bulls. The owner himself had never dared because he knew if the bulls decided to attack he would never make it back in one piece, but Kanzawa was different, he knew something the others didn’t. Approaching the buffalo Kanzawa raised his hand and slowly began waving it back and forth, an act people feared would startle the large instictual animals. However, one by one, the dangerous buffalo dropped to the ground and Kanzawa naturally walked out of the enclosure.
This inexplainable feat wasn’t new for Kanzawa. Besides being featured on the History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Super Humans, Tadashi Kanzawa has been demonstrating his abilities to audiences around the world. He has demonstrated on elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, hippos, and many small animals also. At one point he was decorated a tribal shaman in Africa.
However, every “supernatural” occurance with the animals actually served a greater purpose: fortifying an understanding of healing. Tadashi was healing these animals and instinctually removing their state of “fight or flight,” rendering them relaxed and sleepy.
It is the innate healing capacity humans have forgotten that Tadashi Kanzawa is truley fascinated with and has spent his years understanding and refining. The Study of Kiryo documents Tadashi Kanzawa’s understanding and methods for healing illness and injury in response to a modern world riddled with disease and illness.

Enter the Infinite

Enter the Infinite addresses techniques and methods utilized for stimulating states of transcendental awareness. These approaches stem from various traditions including: Tibetan Buddhism, Western Hermetics, Kundalini Yoga, Daoist Philosophy, and Egyptian Yoga.

From the Back Cover:
Why do certain individuals lead extraordinary lives while others seem to resonate with the mundane? How does fate determine who will have the ambition necessary in order to achieve greatness? It would appear that, only by chance, magnificent individuals emerge.

However, by understanding the processes behind spirituality—the stimulation of one’s existence—an individual can cultivate extraordinary potential. The fruits from knowledge can begin translating into true freedom: a metamorphosis. The elevation of a mundane individual into an extraordinary individual, a person not only with the ability to act, but with the ability to “see.”

Enter the Infinite focuses on heaven’s secret, an advantage in life that allows one to expand the possibilities of circumstance: the potential for evolution.

Enter Mo Pai: The Ancient Training of the Immortals

A book aimed towards uncovering the mysteries surrounding the mechanics behind the ancient esoteric training of Mo Pai.

From the Back Cover
Enter Mo Pai: The Ancient Training of the Immortals dives into the world of Mo Pai, a legendary internal cultivation system that has been secretly handed down by successions of meditation masters for well over 2,000 years. The path of Mo Pai develops the practitioner in the present life, but also ascends the practitioner in status with regards to the afterlife. In the present life, the goal of Mo Pai is to develop supernatural abilities capable of aiding an individual both in self-defense and in the rejuvenation of the physical body. Concerning the afterlife, the true master of Mo Pai reserves the ability to consciously navigate their soul after the death of the physical body, freeing themselves from the continuous cycle of death and rebirth.
The greatest Mo Pai practitioner on Earth today, Master John Chang, has publicly displayed his extraordinary developments to the world by performing many spectacular abilities on video such as electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, suspended animation, and telekinesis.
In order to attain supernatural capacities, this ancient training augments the innate potential of the human body through gathering and harnessing the two fundamental life-force energies known as Yin Chi and Yang Chi. These two energies are abundant in nature and play an important role in sustaining the human body. Developing these vital energies to levels that many would consider unnatural, the Mo Pai student quickly gains an edge when compared to the average human.
Included in this book is an analysis of the Mo Pai training and the techniques used for gathering, manipulating, and finally combining the two fundamental vital energies of Yang Chi and Yin Chi.
Analysis of: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Levels 5-72

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